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It was agreed at the E.G.M. held in 2017 that all subscriptions would become due FIVE Weeks after the renewal date of the 1st November each year. Essentially this means that in any year, your annual subscription is due before Christmas !

The Council accepts that this may cause difficulties for some members and the Club Secretary has recently had to send out emails due to the failure of a large number of members to comply with the change agreed at the E.G.M.

However, three years ago the Club introduced a facility whereby members could pay their subscriptions in monthly instalments by Standing Order and the club would encourage most if not all members to take up this option as it removes the problem of having to find additional funds at a time of increased spending.

Setting up a standing order is easy and can be done either through online banking or via your bank branch. A sample form which contains all the necessary information can be seen by clicking the link below.

Slilverknowes standing-order-new Sample 2018

Members who wish to take up this option should divide their annual subscription including locker rental by 10 even although payments will be made monthly. The start date for the first payment should be 30th January 2019 and the final payment date should be 30th October 2019. ( These dates coincide with the Club’s Financial Year ) For example, a member due a subscription of £150 will pay £15 a month for 10 months.

Please make contact with the Secretary should you wish further clarification or need assistance with setting up your standing order.

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